Inflatable protector, size M


What the INFLATABLE protector is and how it works. INFLATABLE protector can be likened to the inflatable lounger with which you enjoy in the dam or the waves by the sea. The INFLATABLE protector is made in the form of a paragliding protector. The INFLATABLE protector will inflate the inflatable hose (or pump) before starting to start airing the same as the aforementioned inflatable water mattress. After inflating, the INFLATABLE protector is ready to protect you when it is needed. After landing, simply open the valve and go to pack the parachute. During the parachute packing, air from the INFLATABLE protector is gradually released. After packing the parachute, you print the rest of the INFLATABLE protector and the harness is ready to be packed in your backpack. You will be shocked by the volume of the harness, and you will wonder if it is ever possible for the cocoon harness to be so small. YES is possible thanks to the invention of the company KARPO FLY named INFLATABLE protector !!!

Be careful not to confuse with post-start inflatable air protectors used in 2-in-1 harnesses. These protectors share only that they are filled with air, albeit in every other way. While the INFLATABLE protector is inflated before you start and you are instantly protected, the air protector inflates after starting for about 5 seconds (if it inflates at all) which means that you have no protection at the first moments after the start !!!

117.12 €