Extralight 6000 - OPEN SEASON SALE !!!!

EXTRALIGHT 6000 - Hike and Fly harness

Extralight is an exceptionally light, safe and very comfortable pod harness. The weight started at 2,95 kg in size "M". Harness is designed for XC flights or Hike and Fly. It is lightweight but also sewn from a material that can withstand a tougher landing. Extralight is equipped with inflatable protector. The main advantage of the inflatable protector is that it is effective right after the take-of, thanks to the fact that you inflate it before the start.

Unlike standard protectors, they differ in that you can completely deflect the protector when traveling, thus achieving the maximum reduction of the folded harness.

Extralight 6000 is the ideal travel harness.

Comes in sizes "M" and "L"

Speed system included.

919.00 €